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Marrakeche Crafts Pro is the wholesale version of the Marrakeche Crafts store. We are now supplying designers and businesses with the best quality products and craftsmanship at affordable prices. Because our artisans are the best, we are now the only online wholesale web store that offers professional services, customizations, secure payments, and fast shipping at the same time.



We provide the best quality in the Moroccan Market.



Our artisans are the most talentend in Marrakech city.



You can't find better prices than what we offer.



We collaborate with DHL and other fast shipping providers to satisfy clients.

About Marrakeche Crafts

Marrakeche Crafts is a business created to help handcrafters located in Marrakech city sell their creations worldwide.

Our goal is to save the heritage of the old ancestor’s crafters from vanishing by creating a connection between the local artisans and the worldwide customers.

We inspire our partners’ artisans with the latest and trending styles to help them create some unique masterpieces. Then we help them sell their creations.

Our customers support us for our goal because when they buy our products, they are helping save this old art of designs and creations from vanishing. 

Marrakeche Crafts trusted company registered , Headquarter: 528, Massira 2, D, Marrakech, 40000, Morocco

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